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Fixture and Results

This will probably get done in time for March 1999. Unless anyone wants to organise it ...

Ok then, a short report on the UK match....

Wet & windy conditions, with a distinct smell of traitor in the breeze as at least Baxter & Grimsell were seen playing for the opposition, with Stretch Thomason refereeing and playing for them.

Result: Guys Hospital Veterans 15 - 20 Budapest Exiles

Another outstanding front row performance sealed the match with the rest of the team making daisy chains as usual.
Some classic errors involving not running fast enough saw us go 15 points down in the first half hour. Usual bloody rooobish that happens when people look down and not up. Finally (owing to the front row, of course) put some flowing three quarters moves together and managed to advance the ball. One try late in the first half, and two in the final third, saw us to 15-17, as Andy Tooley finally managed to kick one. Followed by a penalty?!

Plenty of tries were disallowed by the Welsh Bastard (tough luck chaps) but some flowing substitutions and great crawling by the basque duo of Stephane & Jesus finally got us home (being cheered on by you know who...)

Best Passing Award goes jointly to: John Zsigo and Stephane Marret Best impression of being legless on the pitch: Jesus Olea

Sorry, it was such a stunnning performance, I can't think of too much more to take the piss out of. Hooray, Hooray. Well done Guys ;-l

Transmission ends, I have to go.

p.s. Super special crackerjack pencil mention for all the old boys who came to play with us: Neil Currie, Phil Downey, Rupert Mingay (still best player), and Chris Johnson. Geraint Thomason, Thank You. Did I forget anybody?

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